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We are Lowell Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Lowell, MA. Among the various services our wildlife control company offers, we pride ourselves on offering the most effective rodent control services within the city. While most companies just deal with the rodents, we go to the source of the problem and identify the entry points the animals used to get into your home, so we can seal them up and prevent future rodents. Regardless of the animal you are dealing with, we are able to deliver professional-grade building repairs that will keep the wildlife out for good. This step typically comes after we remove the animals from your building or property, which we do without using any harmful traps. Instead, we use exclusion devices that let the animals out but not back in. Our repairs confirm that they will never get back inside. This is the process we follow, for example, when extracting bat colonies. This is one of our specialties and we remove all of the bats, without accidentally harming any of these critters. Our wildlife team can assist with all types of animal removal situations, including when the critter is no longer living. In the case of dead animals, we can use our skills and experience to pinpoint their location then remove them, controlling the odor along the way. Call us now at 978-785-8112 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Lowell raccoon removal and skunk removal.

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Our Service Range

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Lowell Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Bats Walking on the Ground

Bats do not have the ability to stand straight since their legs’ physiology is not designed in that manner. However, you are probably wondering if bats can walk on the ground. Surprisingly, they will not only walk but they can also run. Nonetheless, they will do this using their four limbs. Different types of bats such as vampire bats can walk. They are categorized as quadrupedal mammals that are walking on four limbs.

How Do Bats Walk
The bats have evolved from an animal that resembles the appearance of the shrew. Most experts have been fascinated on how they evolved to a mammal with wings. While it is unlikely for them to stand using their two hind limbs compared to other animals that have four limbs, they can still walk and run at an average of 1.14m/sec. This means that you should not worry that the vampire bat might chase you.

Why It is Not Common to See a Walking Bat
Most of you who are reading this have perhaps never encountered a walking bat before. In fact, even the cameras were not able to capture a lot of images of walking bats. This is perhaps due to the manner that they will sneak on the animal to drink their blood. They must do this without the animal being aware of it. Walking to the animal will be less obvious compared to flying directly to the animal.

Mystacina Tuberculata
Apart from the vampire bat, another type of bat from New Zealand can walk on the ground. Short-tailed bat also known as Mystacina Tuberculata is known for hunting more on the ground compared to the bats that are hunting insects while in flight. Unfortunately, the population of this bat is in continuous decline. This is due to the attack of the predators, diseases, and destruction of their natural habitat.

The short-tailed bat will obviously have a short tail. The bats that will forage flying insects will usually have longer tails. The long tail plays a pivotal role in flying and hunting for insects. Since this bat will spend most of its time foraging on the ground, they will not have any need for the long tail. Since they do not need a tail for their survival, the tails have never been developed.

Why Do Bats Walks?
Usually the bats do not have any reason to walk. Most of the time, it will be dangerous for them to stay in the ground. Remember that the bats that will walk on the ground more are the bats that thrive in the areas without signs of predator.

In order to understand if the bats can walk, you need to look at the design of their limbs. As you probably know, the ancestors of the bats that possess the same limbs are walking every time before they evolved into a mammal with wings. After their evolution, their limbs are now more suitable for flying and hunting, but it does not necessarily mean that they cannot walk.