How Big Can Massachusetts Opossums Get

Lowll Opossum is the only marsupial creature that you will encounter in Canada and the US. They are known for their ability to play dead in order to escape the dangers of the predators. They will even release a green fluid and a decaying scent to perfectly mimic a dead creature. The adult opossum can reach an average weight of 15lbs. This is a fact that will shock most of the people.

The Size of the Lowell Opossum
The opossum is a creature with 50 teeth, their tail and ears are hairless, coarse fur, and white face. The combination of these features makes them appear hideous. They are usually found in the southeastern part of the US. Eventually, they move to the other parts of the US and have reached the land of Canada. Their lifespan is considerably short since they will have a high rate of mortality due to the presence of predators such as dogs, raccoons, and hawks.

Comparing Its Size to the Other Animals
The size of the opossum will be modest when they are compared to other urban animals. Though it may not be uncommon for the average household cat to reach more than 20lbs, the possum that can achieve that weight will be surprisingly large. In order to have a clear idea on the size of the opossum in the US, the largest known opossum will have a weight of 16lbs. This weight is heavier than the skunk. Based on the statistics, the average weight of the opossum is around 7lbs which is lower than the raccoon, beaver, and badger.

Eating Habit
The eating habit of the opossum and the nutrition that they receive from the environment will play a crucial role in their growth. Understand that the opossum is one of the oldest animals that exist. Their existence can be traced back to more than 60 million years. Knowing that they are fragile, it is so surprising that they were able to overcome most of the adversities. One reason behind this survival rate is that they have evolved into a creature that can eat a variety of food. The natural diet of the opossum includes dead animals, carrion, shellfish, mice, frogs, birds, slugs, snakes, insects, fruits, grains, and nuts. When the animal is living around the human, they will eat poultry, bird seed, pet food, and garbage. They will be eating just about anything that they can find.

There are at least 60 types of opossums all over the world. This means that their average size may also vary. The most common opossum that you will find in the US would be the Virginia opossum. Once they reach adulthood, their size will be similar to a small dog. They can measure at 2.5ft in terms of length based on the report of the National Geographic. While they are passive and will not have an aggressive behavior, homeowners will still not appreciate an opossum invasion. Hire the service of the expert as soon as you hear the strange noises in your house.

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