Things that Attract Massachusetts Squirrels

With the Lowell squirrel’s fondness to flowers, vegetables, and fruits, the squirrels can cause serious problems to our garden. They can steal the tomatoes and apples like a professional picker. When inside the house, they have to control the growth of their teeth by chewing tough materials such as the wooden beams. Knowing the things that can attract them will help you look for a solution to drive them away.

What Attract Squirrels
It will not be rare to discover that you are sharing your house with a Lowell squirrel. You will be shocked to know that squirrels can live in our attic for months without being detected. Different things can draw the attention of the squirrels. Here are some of them.

Food can undoubtedly attract the attention of the squirrel. They can be attracted by your vegetable garden or your birdfeeder. If you want to protect your garden bed, you may introduce bird netting in your yard. In the case that the squirrel will be persistent in eating your vegetable, the traditional type of bird netting will not work. You may use a chicken wire to use as a barrier to your vegetable garden. With regards to your birdfeeder, you can install a baffle to keep them off your birdfeeder. Also, clear the bird seeds on the ground. You may use a safflower since the squirrel will not enjoy the taste of it but the birds will love it.

Another possible reason why the squirrel will invade your house would be to look for shelter. Squirrels will be invading your home during the autumn or the winter season. They need a place that will provide them with comfort and warmth and your attic would be an excellent place for them to let the winter pass. Once inside our house, they can chew our wooden beams and electrical wires. They can also tear up our insulation to use them as nesting materials. They will contaminate our house with their droppings and urine. To avoid this situation, you need to seal the holes that the animal can use to access our house. Trim the low-lying branches near the roof. You should also install a cap on your chimney.

Unsanitary Place
Squirrels will be attracted in the yard that is filled with litters. They will move on areas with tall grass and filled with debris. This will help them hide their presence from the predators. Clear the debris that is lying in your yard. Store the wood piles above ground. Trim the grass and the shrubs especially on the areas that are commonly frequented by the squirrel.

There are some signs that will tell you that you are suffering from a squirrel infestation. You may notice the chew marks and the other damages that they can cause. There should also be dropping and urine marks on the area of infestation. You may also encounter scattered nesting materials especially during the nesting season. Once you notice these signs, call the squirrel removal company at once to get rid of them.

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