Will Massachusetts Snakes Feel Pain

Some people will think that Lowell snakes will not feel any pain and will simply react to the stimulus of pain. In truth, the snake will understand pain just how human feel it. The most recent research shows how these animals will experience pain. By analyzing at the receptor site, the researchers have discovered that the animal will have the receptor and neurological site like mammals. Thus, allowing them to react and feel pain.

The Pain and Suffering of the Snake
The Lowell snakes are beautiful animals that have earned negative reputation due to the venom that they may carry. In reality, only a small percentage of the snakes will carry venom. Their presence is enough to elicit fear. However, the snakes have more reason to fear humans. The pain and suffering that they can experience due to human actions can be unimaginable.

Snakes Death
At least 440,000 of pythons will be killed in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia every year. Their skins are being made as fashion accessories. This is simply a rough estimate of the reported slaughter. This will not include the pythons on illegal trade. This means that the actual number can be higher. Most of the slaughtered snake will be hunted in the jungles and others will be affected once they are forcefully separated from their natural habitat.

Snakes Are Maltreated
Once the snakes have been captured, they will be decapitated by using machete. Some people will nail their heads on the tree. After that, their skin will be peeled off slowly. Since the snakes are known for their slow metabolic rate, they will be able to remain conscious during the entire process where they will experience excruciating pain even after their head has been severed from their body.

In the case that they have not been decapitated, people will bludgeon them to death. The jaw of the snake will be opened forcefully. After that a tube will be inserted into their body. They will then pump water inside that will stretch the body of the snake and will make it easier to remove the skin. Their neck will also be tied securely to prevent the water from escaping. The whole process will take more than 10 minutes of suffering.

Will They Feel Pain When Eating Larger Animals
Due to the intricate design of their muscles and skeletons, the snakes will not feel any pain when it must unhinge its jaw to ingest larger animals. Since the snakes have two lungs, it will allow them to breathe while they are swallowing a large prey. If the snake is too large, some snakes can suffocate on it while the others can simply regurgitate it.

Snakes feel pain just like humans. When looking for methods to remove them from your property, it is advisable to choose the humane method. While they may have a slow metabolism and can live for a couple of minutes after they’ve been decapitated, there are still methods that you can use that will cause them the minimum level of pain.

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